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Pixel 7 pro Review: Google’s Big Come Back

Pixel 7 pro: Google is serious with its Pixel range of smartphones. After a few years of ups and downs and delays in the arrival of products, especially in Italy, the American house has decided to do things right, with a global launch without unnecessary waiting and two exceptional phones.

The first we analyzed in the review of the Pixel 7, now it’s time to conclude the Pixel 7 Pro, a smartphone that seems to have been born to wreak havoc on the high end of the market. The reason? With € 899, you take home a device that does not make you regret the top of the range of the competition, even those over 1000 €.

Unique Design, Whether You like it or not, good audio

Google, over the years, has created very particular smartphones, able to stand out from the crowd, and the Pixel 7 Pro follows this trend. On the front, there is now little to do; all the phones are similar to each other; on the back, the American house has focused on a photographic module in aluminum with horizontal development, which passes from one part of the body. In contrast, you can see the small company logo in the center of the back cover.

A unique design that you may like or not, the fact remains that a Pixel is immediately recognizable in this way. What matters, however, is the substance; this smartphone has a lot of it. It is not easy today to propose a phone with a metal body Gorilla Glass and IP68 certification in this price range.

On the ergonomics front, the dimensions are felt, and the weight of 212 grams. Pixel 7 Pro is not the handiest of the range, but the bare variant was created for this. We didn’t like the position of the volume rocker, placed at the bottom of the power button, a strange solution, and to which, after fifteen days of use, we are still not used. Charging takes place via the USB Type C on the lower edge. Unfortunately, the quick charger (maximum 30 W) is missing from the package, sold for 45 euros if you want the original accessory.

Next to the USB port, there are two speakers, which, together with the ear capsule at the top, offer a powerful sound but which tend to lose quality at high volume: placed next to an iPhone 14 Pro, the comparison is quite relentless., but we are talking about the champion of the category in this area. In any case, the speakers do their job without standing out; we have said that the Pixel 7 Pro is a smartphone of substance, and considering the excellent build quality, you can pass over some slight lack on the audio front.

All The Power You Need And A Good Screen

Very often, the power of a processor is used as a marketing lever to push a product. Unfortunately, all this brute force does not find an outlet in actual use: not everyone plays with a smartphone, and not everyone needs to make video editing in 4K or use applications heavy for the CPU.

Google has developed the Tensor G2 processor keeping in mind the real needs of a smartphone, focusing more on machine learning than on raw power. Manufactured at 5nm, it consists of two Core X1s for the heaviest tasks, then there are two Core Cortex A78 and four Core Cortex A55. The change from the past is minimal; the same thing cannot be said for the GPU, a Mali G710 MP07, which increases efficiency by 20% compared to the Pixel 6’s Mali G78 but also brings a new TPU. TPU stands for Tensor Processing Unit and is responsible for managing all operations related to machine learning, with 60% more power and 20% improved efficiency compared to the recent past. All this is put at the camera’s service and other elements that take advantage of machine learning on the phone. Finally, there is the Titan M2 chip for managing security on the smartphone.

As anticipated, the Pixel 7 Pro does not focus on brute force; in the benchmarks, it remains behind compared to the other top of the range; despite this, you do not feel the lack of greater power during daily use. The operating system scrolls quickly, the same thing to page scrolling. Gaming, a field in which it could go into more difficulty, does not reserve negative surprises, at least in the titles we tried, including Diablo Immortal. It is certainly not a fair game. In short, it will not be the most powerful processor available today, but the Tensor G2 has other tricks up its sleeve.

Turning instead to the screen, Google has chosen a 6.7-inch QHD + display with 120 Hz LTPO technology, capable of generating 1500 nits of the peak. It is a screen suitable for this price range, with an excellent maximum brightness that allows perfect vision even in direct sunlight. Too bad that the refresh rate is only from 60 to 120 Hz; the competition can manage this aspect better. Otherwise, the screen does not make us regret many more expensive solutions.

Software And Autonomy

Pixel 7 Pro uses Android 13 with the latest security patches. Google ensures three years of updates, practically up to Android 16 in 2025, and five years of security patches, enough to easily cover the life cycle of the smartphone.

The experience offered is minimal; there is only what is strictly necessary; for the rest, you must go to the Play Store. We are dealing with an Android Stock with some Google customizations, among which we find the functions above related to the camera and the ability to dictate messages and emails and translate conversations in real time.

Other functions will arrive later, such as the integrated Google One VPN; generally, the experience offered is exceptional, at least in responsiveness. The advantage is that software updates arrive earlier than the competition.

We close this review with autonomy. The 5000 MAH battery, combined with the lightness of the operating system, made us believe that we were facing a potential champion of the category. This is not the case; despite this, the Pixel 7 Pro always arrives at the end of the most demanding days; in the case of more sporadic use, it can even reach two days, in general; however, it must be recharged every evening.

Google Pixel 7 Pro is the best top-of-the-range released in the year’s second half and a declaration of intent by Google. At a time when the historical partners are taking a few hits in terms of growth in sales and in which they are forced to increase prices, the American house offers an absolute top-of-the-range at a balanced price, identical to that of the previous model. . If you look at the pure substance, after trying this Pixel 7 Pro, it makes no sense to aim for more expensive models, for 899 euros you take home a phone that does not look bad in front of smartphones for over 1000 euros. To amaze, as always, is the camera, genuinely versatile and of exceptional quality, but also the software has several advantages, starting with the smoothness and ease of use.

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