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Critical Data To Understand Cyber-Attacks

The frequency and scope of threats and cyber attacks are increasing in worldwide. Every day we find news in the media about cyberattacks on government institutions and large private companies.

In addition, the effects of cyber attacks are increasingly harmful due to their increasing technical sophistication, which makes it more difficult for companies and states to defend themselves.

This is a trend that will continue as long as the criminal groups responsible for these cyber attacks continue to make large profits with minimal risk to themselves – as the motivation for cyberattacks is generally economic – and as long as the international community does not act against governments that do not only protect but also encourage these types of cyberattacks.

In this sense, Cipher presents some key points that summarize the seriousness and relevance of this type of crime.

Key Points:

  • According to data from the National Cybersecurity Center, cyberattacks increased by 26% in 2021 compared to 2020. The victims of cyberattacks are mainly related to the commerce and services sector, banking and financial institutions, and institutions such as public administrations. In the last year, there has also been an increase in attacks on critical infrastructure, which affects the general population and its essential services.
  • According to the National Cybersecurity Center, during 2021, actions that use social engineering, such as phishing (via email), smishing (SMS), and vishing (phone), stood out as particularly relevant cyber threats. as well as ransomware threats, online scams, and scams.
  • Regarding phishing campaigns prevalent in our country, users and organizations are advised to be aware of emails from unreliable recipients and to refrain from providing personally identifiable information (PII) or downloading files from unreliable sources.
  • Regarding ransomware or data diversion threats, it is expected that they will continue to increase in the remaining months of the year and 2023, so it is recommended to exercise a series of practices that will help prevent this type of crime. For example, implementing regular backups; installing the operating system, software, and firmware updates and patches as they are released; scanning domain controllers, servers, workstations, and directories for new or unrecognized user accounts; not granting administrator privileges to all users or disabling unused remote access (RDP) ports, and monitor remote access logs for unusual activities.

In this context, part of the solution is to define priorities and conduct a risk analysis. To this end, it is recommended to determine a medium and long-term investment plan and a communication plan for crisis situations.

The concept of digital disruption has invaded the business world. New technologies have evolved at breakneck speed. Big data, cloud, IoT, social networks, hype connectivity: business models have changed their structure and modified how companies are organized. It seems that there are only two options: adapt or disappear.

What Is Digital Disruption?

When we talk about disruption, we talk about an irreversible change affecting the traditional business model. The possibilities of new technologies have shaken the business organization. Even products and services have changed, as have customer relationships, how we work with suppliers, and how we do business.

Accept A Global Change

It’s a global transformation, but facing the fact that companies need to go digital is just the first step. However, everyone must meet it, from large multinationals to new business models.

An undeniable and concrete example can be seen in the emergence of startups. These were able to make the notion of disruptive technology their own. They took advantage of this, finding new market niches and offering services in increasingly specialized sectors.

Changing The Business Mindset

Global transformation forces companies to accept the end of the traditional model. Today’s demands focus on the people who must lead and integrate companies. They must undergo a mental transformation according to the new times.

For scholars of the phenomenon, the key is in the hands of individuals. They are the ones who must lead the change. This is how to transform knowledge, assume entrepreneurship, and apply information and communication technologies.

A mindset shift is needed that allows for a newer organizational model. So all of the above will affect the markets. However, it stands to reason that many leaders in HR management live in a state of alert.

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