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Service via WhatsApp: 4 Tips On How To Do It

Do you know how to provide good service via WhatsApp? Discover important steps to persuade and conquer your consumer.

WhatsApp is a widely used communication channel. After all, it is estimated that up to 99% of smartphones have the application. For this reason, this communication channel began to be seen as essential for relationships with acquaintances, friends and family. 

In this way, it is important to emphasize the relevance of having your company’s business number on WhatsApp! But this is not enough. It is also necessary to know how to conduct the conversation with the customer so that he feels satisfied with your service and closes the deal.

Importance Of Good Service

Good customer service is paramount for any company, regardless of its product or service. This good service should be the flagship of a business – no matter how much it happens in person, over the phone or by any other means.

A well-served customer usually closes a deal with your company and returns to it when they need the same or similar product. In addition, this satisfied customer can recommend your service to acquaintances and even provide positive feedback on social networks and praise and evaluation channels.

However, with the rise of conversation via social networks, there was also the need to improve customer service through channels such as WhatsApp. But how to captivate the customer through text messages on the smartphone screen? Understand below a very simple step-by-step that can be put into practice today.

How To Make A Call via WhatsApp

Use and abuse WhatsApp tools for business. WhatsApp has its version for business use. On WhatsApp Business, the app offers unique features to facilitate business-to-customer relationships. Just like the conventional one, this app is free! It’s worth venturing into it.

Welcome Your Customer

It is very interesting to program messages to welcome customers. After all, in contact via the Internet, the consumer expects a quick response.

Therefore, leave pre-established message templates such as: “Hello, (person’s name). How are you? Welcome to the company (company name)! My name is (name of attendant), and I am happy to serve you. How can I help you?”.

Be Objective And Direct In Messages While Being Empathetic

When seeking assistance via WhatsApp, the customer expects immediate assistance. Therefore, if you cannot respond immediately (due to a high flow of messages), schedule automatic greetings or rely on a chatbot to help you with this – we will see below how to use a chatbot for customer service via WhatsApp.

Ask For Feedback Whenever Possible

Nothing is better than feedback to understand when we are right or wrong in our customer approach. How about saying goodbye to your consumer by requesting a return on the product purchased or the service provided?

Integrate Your Service via WhatsApp To A Platform With Chatbots

It’s not enough to have a considerable volume of messages in your WhatsApp inbox; you need to be able to respond to all of them. And as you can imagine, this is not always possible. In this way, it is interesting to have a technology that can be your right arm now: chatbots.

In addition, chatbots can be an extra help in your service. Whether for initial triage and distributing it to the attendant who is free or more appropriate for the topic, to deal with repetitive messages, or even to carry out the service from start to finish when you or your team are unavailable.

Firstly, the possibility of integrating another six channels into the same platform together with WhatsApp streamlines your service process and avoids communication problems with the customer.

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