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The Importance Of Having A Well-Structured CRM For Agencies

CRM for Agencies: The routine of an agency, whatever its segment, is full of unforeseen events. Planning for months can change in a few days. To absorb the numerous setbacks, CRM for agencies is an excellent option.

Above all, this software promotes the best relationship with the agency’s clients and partners. In such a dynamic market, paying attention to any detail that can make a difference in business is essential. Often, this proactivity is the main factor that leads a client to extend the partnership with an agency.

In this sense, the CRM presents itself as the ideal tool to organize all the customer demands and information generated. For everyday life, this better management of relationships is vital. Working becomes much easier when the agency can anticipate the client’s requests or needs.

1 – Attracting Leads Through CRM For Agencies

It isn’t easy to find an agency today that does not set aside time for prospecting. In a competitive market with ever-shrinking budgets, looking for new customers is part of their job.

With CRM for agencies, this task is simplified. Attracting potential customers is much easier from integrations allowed by the software, especially with social networks. In this case, it is unnecessary to inform about the importance of maintaining several active agency profiles in the main social networks.

When a potential client, for example, is interested in the content published by the agency or sends an email, the CRM automatically registers that contact as a new lead in the database.

With it in the sales funnel, agency professionals can fill in data such as name, company, and contact email, among other information. Through integrations such as Cleanly, it is also possible to perform automated scheduling of meetings.

There are countless other ways to capture new leads with a CRM. The above example is just one of many possibilities that an agency can explore.

2 – Marketing

Like her clients, an agency needs to publicize its work to others. In addition to being productivity software, CRM is also a powerful communication tool.

If an agency, for example, has done an excellent job for an account, it must be able to publicize this result. In this way, the agency has the opportunity to schedule the sending of an email with this content to specific audiences. In these cases, the CRM can integrate with marketing automation tools.

If the work was focused on events, for example, she could send this message to customers who are part of that same segment. You can even send this content to other prospects.

This strategy has two advantages. One is the dissemination to customers about the work carried out daily. By recognizing the agency’s talent, these partners can even be inspired by these projects and implement their ideas. In addition, other potential customers may be interested in partnering in the future.

3 – Customer Service

One of the leading customer complaints about agencies is communication. Often, as there are several other accounts, it is normal for specific partners to be on the sidelines for some time. To prevent this from happening, the ideal is to keep a communication channel always open with customers.

One of the best ways to promote customer service through CRM for agencies is by integrating with different messaging apps, especially WhatsApp Business. After all, this is the most popular app.

Regardless of the means chosen by the customer, all these messages are forwarded to a single inbox in the CRM. In the case of WhatsApp, there is an additional advantage. The agency can create a WhatsApp Business profile with multiple users, all of whom use just one phone number.

This way, the customer can be served faster and does not need to add different contacts to communicate with the agency.

4 – Organization Of Priorities

Whether small or large, every client of an agency is significant. On the other hand, some projects demand more effort from the team. In the CRM, it is possible, from the integration with Google Calendar, for example, to manage all the tasks of the day, week, and month. This way, all agency professionals have an overview of what needs to be done in a given period.

5 – Report On Activities And Goals

As important as organizing the routine of an agency is the execution of tasks. Only then will it be possible to promote the best relationship with the client and other partners. In the CRM for agencies, managers have access to a panel where it is possible to analyze all the activities carried out by the team which has already been completed.

The agency can also check which task is behind schedule and how much time team members dedicated to them. With this, the relationship with every customer, partner, or supplier becomes much more productive and professional.

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