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The Pillars Of A Marketing Strategy For Startups

It is essential to draw up a marketing strategy for startups that enhances the results of your business in these ways. After all, this type of company must show its high growth and scalability potential. 

Even more important is having a digital marketing plan that aligns with the concepts of innovation and technology at the essence of startups. Next,  you will understand the pillars that should support your strategy.  

How To Succeed In The Marketing Strategy Of A Startup? 

Startups are fast-growing companies. They need the boost of digital marketing to boost their sales,  find their customers and position the business.   

This is how this type of business stands out and attracts investors to grow more and more. But startups also have a particular characteristic:  they are scalable businesses; that grow without increasing operating costs.  

Therefore,  digital tools are essential for the success of a startup’s marketing, as they allow for the automation of actions and gain scale in customer acquisition and relationship with them.   

In addition,  startups live in risk scenarios. These companies create innovative products that must show relevance and conquer their market. Therefore, planning is essential to minimize or even anticipate the risks of innovation.    

The success of a  startup’s marketing actions also depends on flexibility. It’s no use drawing up a five-year plan, for example, and not being able to shape it as needed.    

Plans need to adapt quickly to market responses and needs. At the same time, paying attention to the pillars of successful planning is necessary,  considering the importance of a  strong presence of digital channels. 

1- Establish A Consistent Identity

Startups need to conquer their space in the market and the minds of consumers. Therefore,  start your strategy thinking about the image you want to consolidate.  

For this, it is necessary to build an identity that highlights the values, purpose in the world, differentials, and brand personality. These characteristics make the image that the market absorbs and awakens people’s identification. 

In the marketing strategy,  highlight the brand identity at all contact points with the consumer. Thus, the image is transmitted consistently. 

2- Create Your Persona

The buyer persona is also one of the pillars of a startup marketing strategy. You need to know who you’re talking to on digital channels to educate your audience,  create content and communicate with people.  

The persona is a semi-fictional character who represents a  company’s ideal customer. Using data from your audience, you can describe your potential customers’ day-to-day activities,  interests, doubts, pain points, and needs.  

From this description, you can better understand how your content and products can be relevant,  which channels to choose, and which language to use at each stage of the buying journey.

3- Position Your Brand On Social Networks With Relevant Content

Social networks are part of people’s lives  . When waking up,  when resting, before going to sleep,  to find out,  have fun,  study,  discuss… They are used at all times and for the most diverse purposes.   

Therefore, it is only possible to think about marketing strategies with social networks. Regarding startups, these channels are even more critical,  as the digital positioning for a new brand with an innovative business model is very important!  

Networks help educate the public about the product, raise brand awareness, and build a community around it. 

To be successful with social media, you need to: 

  • define  which social networks to act on ; 
  • define the  goals and indicators  of the social media strategy; 
  • reconcile organic and  paid plans;  
  • d define  editorial lines for the contents; 
  • and work out an editorial calendar.  

4- Work With Search Engine Optimizations

For any question that arises, people turn to Google. The modern-day encyclopedia has answers to any question you seek. 

Therefore, companies invest in search engine optimization  (SEO) strategies. The intention is to improve the position of your pages since the first links are the most accessible and to bring the answers people want.  

With this,  they build their authority,  gain traffic to their website and attract potential customers to generate conversions. 

In the marketing strategy for startups,  SEO  is one of the pillars,  as it helps in business growth with perspectives of scale.

5- Follow The Benchmarks

Startups need to keep an eye on the market. In the face of rapid changes in the innovation and technology environment,  they must keep up with what other companies are doing to adapt. The benchmarks and inspiration for your business are called benchmarks.

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