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What Is CRM, And What Are Its Advantages?

CRM works as a database in which relevant information is stored about the behavioral characteristics of customers throughout their relationship with a given company. 

As we mentioned above, a CRM is basically a database with relevant information from a company’s customers. Such information defines marketing, sales, and service strategies focused on the customer experience. 

In other words, this is a set of strategies that aims to promote success in managing customer relationships, building loyalty, and generating new sales. 

But how does this strategy work in practice? To find out, stay with us and see in detail how this tool works and its importance. 

What Is CRM? 

CRM – Customer Relationship Management, in translation “Management of Relationship with the Customer.” Currently, the term is used both to name the software that stores information about customers and for techniques for optimizing customer relationships. 

Through the CRM, several company areas have access to important information about its consumers, so actions can be planned synchronized and assertively. 

How Does The CRM Work? 

A CRM can be both the name of software and techniques used to act in the relationship with the customer. CRM software is responsible for collecting, storing, and managing data about prospects, leads, and customers. 

Therefore, this software offers a business much more information about its consumers, agility regarding new business opportunities, optimization of the work routine, an increase in the number of conversions, and, without a doubt, an improvement in the relationship between brand and consumer. 

The important point is that a good CRM should also store data in the cloud to ensure information security and facilitate data sharing among company employees. 

How To Use CRM? 

With the ideal platform, you can optimize your workspace, knowing that these tools can be customized according to the needs of each company. 

In addition, the CRM facilitates the monitoring of a business’s sales pipeline and allows the creation of reports to analyze in detail the progress of the process, the performance of the sales team, the number of calls, etc. 

A CRM must contain up-to-date information about each customer, such as basic contact data, interests, history of interactions with brands, and position in the sales funnel. 

For this, it is important that all employees are properly trained to use the CRM tool effectively to ensure team synchrony and that the information provided in the tool optimizes negotiations. 

CRM Types 

Analytical CRM 

Directly related to data analysis, in this model, it is possible to create reports and obtain information about the profile of each lead and thus understand if that contact is ready for purchase or in which stage of the funnel he is. This information can serve as a basis for creating new conversion strategies.

Collaborative CRM 

Its objective is to integrate teams and, in this way, attract leads through Marketing actions that can be better worked in partnership with the sales team and have greater potential for conversion.  

Using the tool to leverage this dynamic eliminates noise, and operations become more synchronized. 

Operational CRM 

Its purpose is to facilitate the daily work of sales and service agents. With this tool, you can more quickly manage all contacts’ information and update the interactions’ history. 

strategic CRM 

Finally, strategic CRM combines analytical, collaborative, and operational CRM. The tool enables the creation of more targeted strategies that meet the real needs of corporate customers and strengthen the relationship with the consumer within the sales and service process. 

Advantages Of Using A CRM 

Now that we’ve clarified what a CRM is and how it works, let’s learn its features. It is always important to remember that we are referring to a platform for integrating customer information to get to know them better, identify their needs, and meet them.  

Therefore, with a good platform, it is possible to create potential segmented lists, which makes prospecting for new business easier, through features such as: 

  • Integration with other management tools 
  • Contact history record 
  • cloud computing 
  • Mobility on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  
  • Task automation 
  • reporting 
  • Analysis of performance indicators 

What Is The Importance Of A CRM For A Company? 

If you’ve made it this far, you can understand the advantages of this strategy and how it is responsible for providing greater clarity about your business’s sales funnel and strengthening your relationship with your customers. 

Therefore, now that we have clarified the advantages of having a CRM and its importance for your company, how about investing in this tool?

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