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WIFI 6: The Future Of Wireless Networking

WIFI 6: How much can change a letter impact companies’ journey through the digital age? When it comes to wireless networking standards, the answer is a lot!

The new 802.11ax standard, also known as WIFI 6, is one of the latest technologies that will drive innovation worldwide. Read on and learn more about WIFI 6.

What Is WIFI 6

WIFI 6 is the future of wireless networking. More specifically, it is the shift from the 802.11ac standard to the 802.11ax standard that will have a significant impact on the technologies of the future. 

The new wireless networking standard announced in October 2018 and officially recognized by the WIFI Alliance in 2019 is already present in about 16% of access points sold to businesses in Q2 2020, according to data from the magazine. Info channel.

What’s New?

WIFI 6 brings many new features compared to previous standards, having a much greater capacity and offering a better experience to users. 

The new standard has a high transfer potential of up to 9.6GBps and up to four times the ability to support multiple connected devices simultaneously compared to previous standards. 

This capability is due to combining two powerful technologies: Orthogonal Frequency-division Multiple Access (OFDM) and Multiuser, Multiple-input, Multiple-output communication (MU-Milmo). OFDM makes it possible for the same packet to carry information to more than one destination, increasing network coverage. Mu-Milmo has the function of expanding the capacity of networks and allowing the increase of simultaneous traffic on the web. 

Another advantage of WIFI 6 is the Target Wake Time, which allows more extended battery life for connected devices by identifying when they are “sleeping”.

One of the new features of WIFI 6 is also the new security protocol WPA 3. This new protocol has more robust encryption, has better acceptance for Internet of Things (IoT) devices and even guarantees more protection for public WIFI networks. 

How It Drives New Technologies 

WIFI 6 is revolutionary and will transform various sectors of the economy and drive the adoption of innovative technologies within the corporate environment.

One of the significant differentials of WIFI 6 is that it is more friendly to technologies such as VoIP, which allows companies to set up a complete call center in the cloud. In addition to providing more mobility for employees within the company and improving the quality of meetings through video calls, for example.

Another technology that will be boosted by WIFI 6 is Augmented and Virtual Realities, which can be used in companies with quality and security to promote a better experience for customers and employees. An example of this is using VR to identify operational risks, thus avoiding work accidents.

Regarding the IoT, the new wireless networking standard is the perfect ally. Due to its ability to support several connected and operating devices simultaneously, companies will be able to rely on more and more intelligence regarding data collection through IoT devices, which will contribute to improvements in the most diverse sectors and accelerate corporate innovation. All this in an agile and fast way, as is the rhythm of the digital age. 

In addition to all this, the new encryption standard will allow the adoption of these technologies securely, with specific, more advanced encryption features. After all, information security must go from the firewall appliance, through WIFI, to the end-user device (the so-called Synchronized Security)

Devices suitable for WIFI 6 are already sold worldwide and by one of the technology giants: Ubiquiti. With more than 10 million devices deployed in over 180 countries, Ubiquiti is transforming the most productive and connected enterprise networks. And Introduce is a partner of this company with more than 15 years of experience in the global market.

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