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Artificial Intelligence To Humanize Interactions

Artificial Intelligence To Humanize: Regardless of the area of ​​activity, companies often receive questions from their customers who want to understand an issue better or even solve a problem, from the simplest to the most complex.

Imagine how good it would be if there were a tool that would help them answer recurring questions at work in an empathic and effective way to optimize the time of each service.

Well, this is already possible through the use of artificial intelligence. In practice, applying this technology in this process is not to replace but to add. The proposal is to have a mixed service environment in which technology and humans work together to bring better results, both for daily personal life and the business world. This is already a reality for many companies that have chosen to adhere to at least one of the AI ​​fronts in their operations.

Within the umbrella of possibilities that this technology presents, one well known by the professional market is natural language processing. Through the use of artificial intelligence, it is possible to interpret dialogues and create conversations between humans and robots in an empathic and emotional way during customer service. Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools can detect how the human presents himself, speaks, and what sensations he goes through during the dialogue and, thus, identify patterns and discover their intentions.

However, in a country, with so much regionalism, it is essential to train chatbots – robots specialized in this type of activity – to understand familiar words and expressions, such as “a crucible,” “bah,” “ache,” “right there,” among many others. Because behind each of these phonemes is an intention and information, which, when interpreting, a person could easily understand and proceed with the conversation fluidly. Artificial intelligence must learn to have this ability to continue a service effectively.

Humanize Interactions Are Important

Perhaps the question remains of what is the real advantage of teaching a machine to have the ability to perform activities like this. The purpose is simple: to create resources so that more humanized service relationships can be established from one person to another. Sounds controversial? It isn’t. When you automate operational processes requiring prolonged human assistance for more trivial activities, generating repetition and wear and tear, you bring the possibility of streamlining demands and making the person attending focus all their attention on a single point: on the other. The human behind the line.

The gain in time and agility in other everyday processes, achieved with automation, allows the professional to channel the necessary attention to resolve the issue of who is being served in a more attentive, personal, and quality way. This narrows the human relationship and optimizes the exchange between the two.

This practice is already a reality in many companies and tends to grow. The projection is that the entire AI market will begin to expand to a structure that is expected to be a size of 2.5 billion dollars, with more than 2 thousand competitors working on conversational platforms that involve artificial intelligence.

With adherence to these solutions, a significant market trend is growth and investment in technologies that move towards the automation of informal processes, using machine learningdeep learning, and process mining techniques, which can help to analyze these human services and indicate which points it is possible to focus so that it can carry out a transformation and bring an effective result to the organization, in addition to an increasingly humanized and welcoming final service for the customer. 


Technology will be the necessary piece to humanize the processes and allow for more personal interactions so that the human can focus on what matters: the human other.

“Artificial intelligence supports decision-making processes, enabling greater assertiveness and facilitating decisions based on a large volume of information, data, and images. It is not intended to replace a person’s activity, but to facilitate their day-to-day and work”.

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