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How Important Is Artificial Intelligence To The World?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been an impactful topic since at least the middle of the 20th century when movies showing victories of machines against human beings proliferated on cinema screens.

Nowadays, although there is still a distorted view on the subject, there are also views that view AI more positively and, importantly, to the point that it helps in the evolution of science.

Among the most diverse points of view, let’s get to know seven crucial topics of artificial intelligence for planet Earth and understand how this concept has been changing people’s lives quickly.

Relationship Between Sellers And Consumers

Every day, large companies invest massively in artificial intelligence to improve their relationship with consumers and sell more or find new business opportunities.

When entering a theme park via cell phone, visitors can rate each ride, generate feedback, and find a complete map of the place and search engines that enrich the experience.

Internet-related business companies increasingly invest in collecting and analyzing user data to optimize advertiser sales. For example, if you search Google for black pen offers and then visit websites about legal processes, advertisements soon appear with black pen offers at attractive prices.

This doesn’t happen by chance. In practice, the machine learns that you want to buy the pen and sends this information to Google Ads, which directs advertising related to your desire.

Financial Market And The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence

In older times, it was possible to see several operators on the Stock Exchange with cell phones in their ears, shouting and creating a real commotion to sell or buy shares.

Nowadays, almost everything happens in online information systems full of graphs and tables that help investors carry out share transactions without leaving their homes.

In The Automotive World

Suppose you’re up to date with Google News. In that case, you know how this company invests massively in automotive artificial intelligence, offering incredible maps and GPS applications that learn more from constantly receiving data, making drivers’ lives easier.

Several investment groups develop 100% electric cars that work without needing someone to drive, constantly learning the secrets of specific routes and techniques to avoid accidents.

Labor Market

One of humanity’s greatest fears is losing jobs because of technological developments that make production faster and less expensive than work carried out by human hands.

In a way, this fear is even justified when considering the significant part of the world’s data on the subject. For example, by 2021, almost 7 million job vacancies are expected to disappear due to technology, as indicated by a study by the World Economic Forum.

Some people do not have this fear when considering that work areas related to technology management or complex analytical activities demand a lot of human services.

Practicality On The Tip Of The Tongue

In artificial intelligence, one of the sectors that receives the most investment in research is voice assistance. Nowadays, by saying a few words on an application on your cell phone, you can request:

  • Gastronomic tips;
  • Indications of best routes;
  • Match results of a football match;
  • Dollar close;
  • Hotel or restaurant reservations;
  • Among other requests.

Artificial Intelligence has increasingly expanded in several areas. An example is robots created to perform daily tasks, such as remembering appointments.

Artificial Intelligence And Militarism

Robocop, Shadowrun, 1984, A Space Odyssey, in short, several films show how AI is a remarkable subject in military terms.

For example, public figures like Bill Gates fight for limits on the development of military resources with artificial intelligence, rekindling ethical questions on the subject.

AI is involved in both attacking and defending military attacks. For example, in Israel, automatic anti-missile systems are activated from the moment missiles attack enemy nations appear in the skies.

In The Medical Field

Studies and experiments on robots capable of performing surgeries on various parts of the human body, including the heart, are already advanced, which is a very complex task in practice.

Medical insurance companies also invest in technology in business concepts like value-based healthcare. This includes data analysis performed by applications to offer prevention methods or treatments for specific pathologies with more effectiveness and lower costs.

These are the seven most talked about essential topics about artificial intelligence worldwide. It’s up to you now to invest in AI in your company to adapt to new times and stay ahead of the competition with the help of technology.

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