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How To Protect Identity Data In The Cloud?

Technological advances have brought one of the best resources of recent times: cloud computing. In addition to being more practical and safe, it is economically viable.

Having the resources allocated on the internet does not take up space, is cheap, and still makes data available on mobile devices, in addition to being easy to share.

More than storing sensitive business files and documents, the cloud also acts in the management of identity data. We are talking, for example, about passwords, credentials, access and keys. This information frees up entry to a very restricted and valuable environment. When it falls into the wrong hands, the damage can be enormous.

Once a hacker obtains passwords or privileged credentials, he has access to the organization’s cloud environment and can even access the sensitive database. Intrusions like this result in data and bank account theft, document fraud and information kidnapping, among other digital crimes.

We have selected some measures to protect identity data in the cloud to avoid inconvenience and headaches.

Secure The Cloud Management Console 

Consoles let you comprehensively manage all of your organization’s cloud resources. Unauthorized access to this environment poses risks to data security.

First, identify user or application permissions to perform a particular job to extend protection. Then create roles, giving access only to those who need it.

Control privileged access management, including credential monitoring and rotation to reduce risk.

Protect Dynamic Cloud Infrastructure 

Cloud infrastructure consists of servers, networking components, storage and virtualization software, and other resources that can be dynamically distributed.

As your environment becomes more dynamic and scalable, you must discover all privileged credentials and automatically onboard new ones. The goal is to ensure tracking and protection of access to all accounts.

Protect Custom Apps And Their Code

Just as users need credentials to access databases, applications also go through this process. Such certificates involve API (application programming interface) access keys. 

However, application code is also targeted by attackers for data theft and source code deletion, among other intellectual property.

To prevent, it is recommended to remove hard-coded credentials, not provide users with direct access to API keys, and store the codes in a secure, centralized digital vault.

SaaS Applications Must Be Secured

SaaS applications (software as a service) are in all companies, being implemented by users or departments in isolation. This makes possible the emergence of Shadow IT, a series of unauthorized and unknown conducts of IT management. 

Shadow IT offers criminals the opportunity to breach security and break into the company’s database and other sources of information. Constant protection and management of SaaS applications are essential to prevent attacks and other forms of crime.

Cloud backup is already an indispensable tool in the corporate world. Companies that still use storage on physical devices tend to suffer significant losses when something unforeseen occurs.

The use of floppy disks , CDs, DVDs, USB sticks and external hard drives has become a thing of the past. In addition to the tiny physical space available, they are not at all safe. 

With the wave of cloud storage, backup is instant, fast, secure and without the worry of running out of space. All sensitive data is kept with ease because the cloud backup adjusts to the needs of each company.

One of the significant advantages of doing corporate cloud backup is that the investment fits into any company’s budget. But you need to have the right tool to store your data. 

Google Drive is perhaps the most popular cloud backup system. On the market since 2012, the application allows you to save documents by uploading them on a device or by creating them in the online environment.

The tool provides up to 15GB of free storage, which can be helpful for small businesses. However, it is shared with other Google services like Gmail and photo apps. The paid version entitles you to 25GB, 10GB or 1TB of space.

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