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How Does Voice Search Affect Your Site’s SEO?

The hustle of everyday life has taken over all areas of our lives, including the time to use search engines. As a result, it has become more common for people to use voice search to make queries on Google, as it is faster than typing the desired subject in the search bar.

If you invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to position your company well in search engines, it is essential to be aware of this change in user behavior.

After all, it is necessary to understand how voice search affects your website’s SEO to design efficient marketing strategies, regardless of how the user will search. In the content below, we brought details on this subject. Could you keep reading and learning with us?

What Is Voice Search, And How Does It Work?

When you open the Google homepage, you will notice that searching for a keyword is possible either by typing the term in the toolbar or by clicking on the microphone icon. This query, carried out through speech in search engines, is called a voice search .

Just like when we type an expression in the search bar, this artificially intelligent functionality takes the captured terms to the search engine, which immediately returns with web results corresponding to the searched subject.

Current research indicates that the consumption of voice search has increased significantly in recent years due to the popularization of mobile devices, which facilitate the use of this tool. According to a study by Adobe, the current scenario indicates that:

  • About 52% of search queries are done through voice search;
  • On average, 85% of respondents use voice commands on smartphones ;
  • Predominantly, voice search is triggered to get locations.

To certify this data, it is enough to observe how the sale of virtual assistants has also grown, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, which are equipped with systems similar to those applied in voice search.

Why Does Investing In Voice Search Improve Your Website’s SEO?

After reading the information above, chances are you’ve wondered what adopting voice search has to do with your website’s SEO results. In summary, this question only reinforces the importance of good positioning of your company in the search engines.

Without understanding how people access search engines, it will be more challenging to make your website stand out on the web, as the proper optimization strategies are directly linked to understanding consumers’ habits, including the way they search on the internet. Therefore, it can be said that SEO exists because of the behavior of the public and not the other way around.

Voice Search: 4 Tips To Apply To Your Website’s SEO

So, the constant use of voice search shows how fundamental the work is to position a website in the first results of search engines. For this, it is clear that it is worth betting on SEO strategies that are focused on the operation of voice commands, such as those mentioned below:

Have A Mobile-Friendly Design

Most voice queries are done on mobile devices, so your website must be usable on all types of digital devices. This aspect directly affects the user’s journey, and if he doesn’t find a fast and responsive interface, he will surely abandon your address to click on another link on the web.

Choose Keywords Based On A Conversation

The right choice of keywords is also essential for the excellent positioning of a website. With voice commands, it was realized that it makes more sense to insert complete sentences and questions in the contents, such as those performed in the interaction between human beings, to improve the page’s ranking.

Register In “Google My Business”

Another trend in voice search is the use of this mechanism to discover desired companies and services. A good alternative in this regard is to register your site on “Google My Business,” increasing the possibility that it will appear prominently in search results when a topic related to it is consulted.

Get A Top Position On Google

In organic voice searches, reaching the top of Google is no longer enough, so make your content appear in position 0 (that highlighted box where the search engine shows the link with the best result). To get to this place, bet on simple language, mark relevant passages, and give short but concise answers.

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