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Original Chromecast: How To Identify Counterfeits

Side by side, some copies of the Chromecast are very similar, but it is possible to distinguish an original model with a closer look.

Chromecast is a joker device capable of giving extra life to that old TV that still has firewood to burn but does not have an internal connection. With it, you can enjoy YouTube and all the streaming services installed on your smartphone directly on the larger screen of the TV or monitor.

However, many copies, fakes and alternative and unofficial models, although similar, have different qualities. To identify an original Chromecast and not have post-purchase headaches, check out some tips that can help you distinguish the original version of Google from pirated devices. 

The Types Of Chromecast

Although it was already in the fourth version, it is currently easier to find Chromecast 3 and 4, which are quite different. While the Chromecast 3 is merely a device with the function of mirroring the TV screen or monitoring the screen of a mobile device, the Chromecast 4 already has another proposal, similar to the Fire TV Stick from Amazon, with its operating system, in this case from Chromecast 4 to Google TV, possibility to install applications for consumer audiovisual content and even games. 

Because they are different, knowing the characteristics of each one helps to discover possible signs of counterfeiting. Check out some tips that can point to a Chromecast replica. Packaging may be similar but without the same quality.

There are different levels of Chromecast counterfeits, some of which are less neat and easily noticeable. Still, it is also easy to find replicas that are quite neat and complex to differentiate, but the key is in the details. Starting with the packaging, even those most similar to the original, counterfeiters must be able to reproduce the images and illustrations on the packaging with the same print quality as the original Google device. So be aware of the packaging material and the quality of the prints.

Pay Attention To Features And Design Details

We already talked about the difference between Chromecast generations above, and, as bizarre as it may seem, some replicas have features not present in the original product. When used for the first time, some replicas of Chromecast 3 and even the previous Chromecast 2 are configured in applications that are not official Google; the application to be used in official versions is Google Home.

Another aspect that may vary in how the replica works, there are fakes of Chromecast 3 with their operating system and an interface that does not exist in the original version. Or even worse, parallel Chromecast that even work with mirroring the content of the smartphone screen on the TV but making it impossible for the smartphone to be used for other purposes while only the selected application is transmitted on the TV, such as Netflix being transmitted on the TV via Chromecast while you can only see other apps on your smartphone screen. 

Other small details in the design also help identify alternative models, such as the end of the HDMI connection with a magnet that helps make the device more compact when installed on a TV or monitor. Counterfeit Chromecast are made on a budget and don’t have such fancy items. 

If The Price Is Too Low, Be Suspicious

Last but certainly not least, know there is no magic to buying a product. Suppose the product is priced much lower than usual, something from 50% off. In that case, it is worth being alert if the store that sells the product is reliable, as the probability of being a replica or an unofficial product grows considerably.

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