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Why Invest In Conversational Marketing?

Conversational Marketing: One of the main objectives of companies is to invest in new customer relationship strategies to ensure good experiences. And conversational marketing is one of those tools.

Through this technique, it is possible to promote the humanization of brand communication and more personalized contacts with leads and customers. As a result, the flow of information with them becomes more agile, efficient and assertive to engage them both to become more qualified leads and more satisfied consumers.

That is, as a result of using conversational marketing, companies can improve their results. That’s because leads can move more quickly through the sales funnel, and customers feel greater confidence and satisfaction with close follow-up.

How Does Everyday Marketing Work In Practice?

Many people associate conversational marketing with conversational chatbots that can help advertise, promote promotions, and resolve questions from leads and customers, among other applications. And that’s not wrong.

However, this practice is more comprehensive than chatbot technology, other online platforms or even contact through a human attendant or salesperson. 

The strategy is much more comprehensive and seeks to promote welcoming, humanization and proximity to customers. 

In this way, it is necessary to develop a whole plan to understand the consumer’s behavior, who his persona is, how to talk effectively and, thus, establish adequate communication.

What Is The Relationship Between Conversational And Digital Marketing?

Now, after understanding in more detail what conversational marketing is all about, it is essential to see how to apply it in the reality of digital marketing.

After all, digital strategies aim to attract leads to your company through different channels and means of contact, such as blogs, social networks, emails, and rich materials, helping in the nutrition, education, engagement and relationship of the potential branded customer.

But what can you do to differentiate yourself from the competition in this endeavor and ensure more natural, personalized, relevant communication that clarifies doubts and generates a good experience? For this, conversational marketing enters this mission. Let’s see some of its applications in digital marketing.

Social Networks

According to Harvard Business Review research, 75% of companies think social media is critical to the customer experience.

In general, the media can be related or even sales channels. So, it’s essential to know your persona, behavior, preferences within the networks, and how they consume content, among other information. Thus, it is possible to direct your language, tone, style and personalized communication in this channel.

In addition to having someone responsible for this part of social media, the company can also program a chatbot to respond to calls 24/7, making it easier for customers to get in touch at any time, even at dawn, and find the desired answers.

Blog And Website

The environments of blogs and websites are more complex than social networks. But the principle is the same: to serve as a source of information about products and services, with their benefits and differentials, thus allowing a practical, relevant and productive dialogue with leads and customers. 

Mainly because if the customer is asking questions through your website or blog, it means that he is evolving in the purchase stages. Therefore, it is essential to have a direct conversation and service channel within these environments to support the purchase process. All of this serves to integrate digital and conversational marketing.

Other Content Formats

Whether on social networks, blogs, apps or other communications such as emails, infographics, guides and so on, it is also essential that dialogues are equally engaging to convey the company’s identity and create a good experience.

Depending on your persona’s profile, you can use emojis, GIFs, and lighter images to make the conversation more human and bring the lead and customer closer to the company.

Five Reasons To Invest In Conversational Marketing

It is clear that, when implemented with a structured strategy, conversational marketing can generate several benefits for customers and companies. Such positive effects range from faster advancement in the sales funnel to customer loyalty, generating more profits.

However, the benefits go further. Want to see some of the main gains that motivate investment in this strategy? We separate 5 for you:

Lead Generation And Nurturing

The main advantage of conversational marketing is boosting sales dynamics by supporting the process of generating qualified leads and nurturing and facilitating lead evolution in the purchase journey.

This practice allows you to provide personalized service, answer questions, clarify possible objections and send helpful information. With this, the lead feels more welcomed and representative of that company.

Personalized Communications And Use Of Technologies

With the help of technological tools such as Big Data, automation, chatbot and artificial intelligence, you can process more and more conversations and communications with a greater volume of leads at the same time.

This way, it can maintain a personalized relationship with leads and customers in real time, promoting an accurate and complete connection and enhancing customer service.

Support For Increasing Conversions And Sales

The strategies and technologies used in conversational marketing help overcome doubts and obstacles that may hinder the completion of a purchase, but without forcing that sale. It is about creating a process of natural evolution in the customer’s journey, in which the sale will be a consequence of the service and the points of contact.

In other words, conversational marketing provides the support and information needed to influence a decision that will be made spontaneously by leads.

Strengthening Customer Relationships

This strategy is fundamental to ensure customer service and follow-up throughout their journey within the company, solving their problems and improving their experience with the contracted products or services. 

With these continuous interactions, it is possible to make the database of conversational platforms more complete with data, profiles, preferences and expectations of consumers, ensuring greater intelligence for the company in communication.

Improved Brand Image In The Market

With everything presented so far, leads and customers significantly improve their perception of brands, seeing the availability, agility and convenience provided. As a result, the company’s image and authority gain more excellent value, and the purchase decision is facilitated.

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